Thursday, December 9, 2010


hello everyone....
now it's my turn (bubu's turn) to feed the blog with an entry. i wanna story about my brother, goldie. you know, we were born on april 2010, so we're now about 9 month old, yet you will be surprised to see how had we grown up. 

i still remember the old days, when we were so small, so naive, so cute (hehe). we love our mom kola. do you know cola stands for what? hehe, it remains secret. only those who are dare enough to guess will know about this. it has nothing to do with coca cola, neither cola fire aiskrim. it has something to do with breastfeeding. hehe... 

okay2, back to story. hm, what was i trying to say? forgot. lemme think. (forgive my absent-mindedness). em.... 
oh, about the breastfeeding! yeah, we still breastfeed coz you know what, we're still kids. though the word kids seems too strong and so not suitable to be used to describe us (since we are big enough to be called the adult cats), we are only 9 months old. 9 months!! for crying out loud, 9 months! if a human, 9 months still in the womb, they call baby. so why not call us baby? that's a good reason there... teheee~

look, my pic clinging to mom cola. see how cute & adorable i was. was i?

meow, meowwooow! this was taken by master din when we're breasfeeding. see how small we were. now, we're big strong cats. don't dare to come near.... grrrrrrrrr~

look! now, my brother has grown up. 
after 9 months, he had become a very strong, rigid, tough guy (er, i mean cat guy)
 or something like that... ehe~

goldie is still breastfeeding though he's grown up. me myself don't understand, why'd we grown up so fast in just 9 months, even bigger than our mom cola. in fact she looks way too skinny than ever for all her nutrients had gone to us, bubu, goldie and our newly born siblings. yes, we love our mom kola. mom kola has cool...

compare their sizes. which one that should be breastfed beforehand.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Deathly Putih

The Deathly Putih

Me,Bubu again showing myself on this precious blog.What I wanna wrote here is about our step father.Putih's death.I knew this from my beloved mum,mum Kola(Cola).We have his pictures,but not so many.Like we had said before;Putih is my mum's first love.And he like to sleep with chubby Patrick.LOL.
ok,back to the main topic. He died in the last year and I am not sure what is the date. This is how Putih got died;
He always fight with the other wild cats in outthere. He always got home with some injuries..My mum always advice him..He's stubborn,though.Owh....
Days by days,he got worst.Our guardian had treat him,but he still didn't recover.My mum knew his misery,but what can she do?
One day,when our guardian,Mr S reverse his car,Putih couldn't save himself..He got hit!!!Owh.. how pity is he..
But,he didn't die yet on that time.He became more miserable becuz one of his leg was broken.And he even be the ringworm cat....a few days later,he didn't breath anymore...

Days had passed,and even though he is not exist in this world anymore,but,he still be in mum's mind.....


The Origin of Mum Kola

Last night,our beloved mum told me a shocking news!She was not born in 9329 house!But in the school of Gong Badak.She told us that our guardian named Din took her from the school.Owh!We're in big surprised that time.!We thought,she was grew up here,in this house!
Do you know,how Din took her from school?He put her into his bag.My mum wanted to escape,but she can't.As they reached home,Din took her out from the bag.Then,a white-black dot cat came into the 9329 house.Its belong to Din.My mum said,she always had the quarrel with the cat named Putih.But they were in love at last..LOL
Mum Kola


Saturday, December 4, 2010

say khello to our new siblingh!

mom kola had just given birth to our new siblingh. they are three cute lil kitties.