Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Deathly Putih

The Deathly Putih

Me,Bubu again showing myself on this precious blog.What I wanna wrote here is about our step father.Putih's death.I knew this from my beloved mum,mum Kola(Cola).We have his pictures,but not so many.Like we had said before;Putih is my mum's first love.And he like to sleep with chubby Patrick.LOL.
ok,back to the main topic. He died in the last year and I am not sure what is the date. This is how Putih got died;
He always fight with the other wild cats in outthere. He always got home with some injuries..My mum always advice him..He's stubborn,though.Owh....
Days by days,he got worst.Our guardian had treat him,but he still didn't recover.My mum knew his misery,but what can she do?
One day,when our guardian,Mr S reverse his car,Putih couldn't save himself..He got hit!!!Owh.. how pity is he..
But,he didn't die yet on that time.He became more miserable becuz one of his leg was broken.And he even be the ringworm cat....a few days later,he didn't breath anymore...

Days had passed,and even though he is not exist in this world anymore,but,he still be in mum's mind.....


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