Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Origin of Mum Kola

Last night,our beloved mum told me a shocking news!She was not born in 9329 house!But in the school of Gong Badak.She told us that our guardian named Din took her from the school.Owh!We're in big surprised that time.!We thought,she was grew up here,in this house!
Do you know,how Din took her from school?He put her into his bag.My mum wanted to escape,but she can't.As they reached home,Din took her out from the bag.Then,a white-black dot cat came into the 9329 house.Its belong to Din.My mum said,she always had the quarrel with the cat named Putih.But they were in love at last..LOL
Mum Kola


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